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The most powerful antibacterial and anti covid-19 All-Purpose cleaner on Earth, from Earth 100% natural




Our Products Features

Our Products Features that we bet on

✔ 100% Natural

✔ Antibacterial

✔ Safe

✔ All-Purpose


✔ Different Sizes

Developed by specialistes, trusted by families

Eya Clean Pro is an all-purpose cleaner to be the first in the world as a product extracted from herbs and natural ingredients under the supervision of our best experts.


its formula is extracted from organic ingredients (free of any harmful chemicals), our mission is to ensure high quality as well as effectiveness for the sake of the safety of the consumers.

Eya Clean Pro for smooth and safe cleaning.

We have an innovative natural formula that differentiates it from all other cleaning materials available in the market. We take pride in our dynamic approach which is based on a deep understanding of the target market and consumer needs.

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The only cleaning product you need: Use it anywhere.

Eya Clean Pro is a multi-purpose cleaner and can be used anywhere, see some examples online;

Save The Planet With Us

With refillable bottles, plant-based ingredients, & much more, we’ve been able to sustain an environmental and community footprint that’s as gentle as our products


Our product is made of eco-friendly natural formula. All the natural materials and herbs included are free of any harmful chemical substances.


EyaClean Pro with the anti-bacterial property is safe and has a wide-ranging use for all purposes.


It is safe to use in food production areas and equipment, in children’s playrooms and elsewhere in the house. It is also safe for pregnant women, skin, and it does not have any side effects on the respiratory system and others.

Why EyaClean Pro

Because you safe your time, your money, your self and the planet

Eya Clean Pro is a brand committed to continuity


Eya Clean Pro presents community members with the opportunity to learn about their options as well as engage in sustainability practices to always meet the customers’ needs.

Join a community of over 540,000 happy customers.

Our company has developed a unique dealership system that guarantees the highest profit to our dealers besides maintaining the stability of the products’ markets.
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