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Eya Clean Pro Are you ready to start a nature life?

The most powerful antibacterial and anti covid-19 All-Purpose cleaner on Earth, from Earth 100% natural




Trust is required everywhere, be sure to trust the nature of our product
Eya Clean Pro is more than a cleaner meaning.

New concept of home comfort

All-purpose and antibacterial cleaner

Eya Clean Pro is an all-purpose cleaner to be the first in the world as a product extracted from herbs and natural ingredients under the supervision of our best experts.

EyaClean Pro Features

Our Products Features that we bet on

Natural 100%

Our product is made of eco-friendly natural formula. All the natural materials and herbs included are free of any harmful chemical substances.


Its unique formula has proven effective in eliminating bacteria by 99.9% and is classified worldwide as an all-purpose cleaner with the anti-bacterial property. We guarantee the protection necessary for the consumer.


Among its essential properties is that it does not contain synthetic aromatic oils, EyaClean Pro has the advantage of not leaving any unpleasant odors after application.


It is safe to use in food production areas and equipment, in children’s playrooms and elsewhere in the house. It is also safe for pregnant women, skin, and it does not have any side effects on the respiratory system and others.


EYA Clean with the anti-bacterial property is safe and has a wide-ranging use for all purposes.

Different Sizes

Our product is designed with different package sizes that suit the different needs of the consumer, yet the design of all packages and their covers are inspired from nature.

Save The Planet With Us

With refillable bottles, plant-based ingredients, & much more, we’ve been able to sustain an environmental and community footprint that’s as gentle as our products

“Eya Clean Pro” for nature

Eya Clean Pro for smooth and safe cleaning.

We have an innovative natural formula that differentiates it from all other cleaning materials available in the market. We take pride in our dynamic approach which is based on a deep understanding of the target market and consumer needs.

Advantages for our dealers

Eya Clean dealers community has been a successful network since the start and will continue providing all support and more advantages to Eya Clean Pro Dealers.

Providing a full support team for social media platforms

Programming and designing a website for each dealer’s country

Partially Advertising Support Depending On Dealer’s Country

Dealers service center for technical and logistical support 24/7.

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